The Urban Sewing Society

Welcome to the Urban Sewing Society where we bring fashion and creativity to your neighborhood!!My love affair with fashion started between ages 9-10. My great-grandmother, who I affectionately referred to as Miss Moss, continued sewing well into her 80's. She taught me all the intricacies of sewing and how to properly operate a sewing machine. My first project was a pair of white shorts! From that point on I was hooked. I loved to experiment with different colors urs, materials, textures, styles, lengths, trends, accent pieces and everything in between. Freshman year high school I took Basic Sewing. I finished the entire semester’s worth of projects in the first week of classes and for the rest of the semester, assisted my classmates with their projects. This is when I experienced the joy and sense of accomplishment I received from teaching others how to do what I LOVE!I learned that there is nothing keeping me from bringing my own and others visions and ideas for clothing to life. I love to teach students that the things that they can imagine can be created with the help of a sewing machine. I have been teaching sewing for over 25 years. I am a Trained Sewing Instructor and each class has a unique curriculum tailored for each level. USS teaches classes from Beginning to intermediate and Refashioning classes. Take your pic. We also offer Sewing Parties and online one off classes to learn a quick and easy project.The Urban Sewing aslo has a clothing line of womens bow blouses, skirts, hats, masks and other accessories. In addition we accept custom orders and will perform minor alterations.Sewing is my passion and I enjoy sharing my passion with those who want to learn, and this website and everything on it is meant to showcase my love of sewing and unique crafts for sale along with providing information about the Urban Sewing Society’s current endeavors, including our classes. Take your time to browse through our store or enroll in one of our fun and interactive sewing classes. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing your own visions for fashion to life!

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